Sickness = diet & lifestyle changes

i hate my airbed

Short personal post here. This week was a rough one filled with all sorts of minor ailments. I could not keep to my schedule and could barely meet my obligations at work due to it. Reminds me how the small things really affect us, but since they don’t make up these glorious stories in our lives we tend to forget them and deal with them preemptively. These inconveniences do happen and are pretty significant inconveniences at times.


Last week was a busy week for my household. We were preparing for my toddler’s bday and we had family coming over. We had an added 9 people in a 3 bedroom home. Somehow we fit in and survive, mainly because we all did our part to be flexible.

That same week I had my first real case of heartburn. It was serious enough I would stop mid-walk for several seconds til the pressure dissipated. I couldn’t inhale and felt a steady pressure pushing hard on my chest. Sneezing or coughing was a real pain. Nothing fancy, but it did hurt lots on those first 2 days. I went to the doctor on the 2nd day just to be sure it was not my heart or my tuberculosis coming back. Sure enough I got some prescription drugs that I don’t think really helped. The heartburn started on Wednesday and I still have it on Sunday morning.

My toddler also got a really high fever this same week. Having family over did not help because she was always being engaged. She became super clingy to mom and me because she was overwhelmed. We had lots of prep to do during the evenings for her bday and mom had to do most of it. We lost sleep and got lots of added weight lifting for the next few days.

I got hit with migraine on Friday afternoon. I could not do much work and was very inefficient and cranky.

Since we had family over, we had to sleep in an airbed. One that does not work well for the more than one night. My back started to hurt soon after and I walked with my back arched sideways in the early mornings because it hurt to straighten up.

Sunday we left at 5am to drop some family off at the airport about an hour away. That morning I realized that the foot pain I had the night before was actually gout. I was limping my way to the airport gate while holding my chest and stopping in the middle of my limp. It sucked and I tried to not show much issue so that my guests would not make a fuss about it.

Later that day during lunch I had to visit the bathroom a few times because I ate something bad.

Monday morning though here’s where I am at:

  • We have 2 more guests still in our house, they are leaving later today.
  • My migraine is gone
  • The diarrhea is gone
  • My back hurts from a bad bed but I just move to the couch in the middle of the night
  • My gout is much better
  • My heartburn is still there but hurts much less

I realized I needed to change some things. Well, a lot needs to change. I am starting with my diet and that damn airbed.

i hate my airbed
Sorry but I really realized how much I hate my airbed

I’ve been eating based on a relaxed paleo diet for the last 3 months. Obviously much of the holidays season was a bust. I do eat bread and some rice but stick to high protein for the most part. I am still digging into this, but since going paleo was the main change in my diet recently, I have to consider it is tied to this acid reflux issue. The other minor change is I drink a few sips of espresso every other day early in the morning. In a week I would have an average consumption of 26 fl oz. Sometimes less. This started in December.

My diet has been mainly chicken and pork for protein. I eat an occasional salad when I feel bad for not eating it.

I will start logging my food daily again. Having a casual food log (shortcut on my phone from a google doc file) made it easy for me to log it and track what I had been focusing on. Kept me back on track when I had forgotten I binged on something 2 days ago already.

I will make eating veggies for dinner a mission. It’s hard and fussy for me to do this the rest of the day but dinner can be a light meal.

I plan to start taking some form of probiotic-either as part of the food or as a supplement.

I will need to research if Paleo worked for me or not. At the very least know if it was tied to the acid reflux. Being Asian, I grew up eating rice daily. It was not an issue for me but I’d like to know if it affects my sugar levels. I don’t recall significant boosts in health and performance but I wasn’t strict and heavy into it too. I ate low carb, medium fat and high protein. This to me was a cup of rice max thru the day, cheese is okay (no milk) and meat from fish, chicken and pork. Fish was a sometimes dish. Beef was even more rare on the plate.

I need to watch my sugar intake. I don’t put sugar on my food and coffee. I don’t drink soda and rarely have juice. I do like sweet foods and fruits though-so I need to check on this. My sugar levels were high from my last check up. At the time I was already not drinking soda, no sugar of coffee and pulled back on rice. I am still getting it from something so I need to track that on a day to day basis.

I will add functional exercise into my routine. As soon as I get off this crud I’ve been having I will add push ups back into my morning routine. I will also take the stairs to the office.

A lot of times I wish I could just list things down and then they would happen. Obviously not, as my family is also going to need to get used to these changes I am making to myself. The goal is to get healthier so I can be with them longer-I think that’s a valid goal. And most of these affect only me, so I shouldn’t be burdening my wife too much.

Nothing fancy but that week with all kinds of issues just kept nagging at me. Each morning I’d wake up and try to work on my business but I couldn’t. I felt to crappy or was risking a full on sickness if I did not rest. I realize I am just not as healthy as I should be for what I’ve been preaching to my family, with all my talk about not eating gmo crap and avoiding the toxins in our everyday lives. I need to be a better dad and husband. My wife wont ever realize, but that week I slept about 7 hrs almost everyday. On some I had 8.

MakeResilient aims to help build a more resilient lifestyle and family. I believe that we need to be ready for big changes coming to our current way of life (more info at the Concerns page). I am intentionally leading my family so that we can adapt slowly over time for the changing future. I’m no expert on all things, but I am acquiring the knowledge and skills of new things that I need.

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