Making a Functional & Efficient Family Meet up Plan


If something happens and getting home as usual is not practical, having a plan to meet your family at an alternative location can be useful. This is useful for big emergencies and small ones.

There may come a time when, for some type of emergency or impracticality, you will need your family to meet with you somewhere other than home. It may happen when time is crucial or there is some form of a threat. Perhaps there is a forest fire in your city, or maybe some type of protest/rioting. It maybe something less cinematic, like you need to get to the emergency room due to some unknown pain or a minor accident. Maybe you just need to meet outside of the city before you head for that long road trip, and want to beat the traffic. It would not be practical to get home from work, get your family into one vehicle and then head out to a safer place.

A family meet up plan has been called many different things. All it is, is a plan on where you will meet up with your family or group. The situations that trigger the meet up can vary from casual to dramatic, but the benefits remain the same: planning ahead of any issues and getting together safely at a predetermined location that benefits you.


Consider your situation and make a short list of what risks apply to you. Do you have any known health issues (pregnancy or health issues that require getting to the ER)? Do you have flooding? Tornadoes? Identify what situations might come up where you might be forced to evacuate your home. Are there any industrial facilities in your area that pose some risks?

Family meetup plan

These will help you further understand the risks and what you need to plan for. (At one point we had a meet up plan when my wife was pregnant.) If you know the risks, then you can plan ahead of everyone else later on.


Say you now have a list of threats you need to plan for, you can slowly plan around them and how you might react.

If you have a risk for flooding, then your plan must involve a place and route that is on higher ground and has a way in and out of the flooded area. Read more “Making a Functional & Efficient Family Meet up Plan”

Abstaining from new posts

I have been feeding myself new lessons lately and I am a bit drunk from the parts of it which I have retained. I am not saying I can use it, or am an expert on any of it. Heck I am far from any of that. But I want to acknowledge that I have been absorbing way much and need to just stop. To some degree these are also distractions.

Unless I can use the thing I have learned to improve my current lifestyle, then none of it matters.

I am going to hold on any blog posts, will not make any new sites or pursue any new ideas until I have executed/practiced/used any of the new lessons I have learned in the last 2 weeks.

Right now the pivot point on all this are the worksheets for homeschooling. It’s way more work than I thought and way less people interested it seems. I want to apply the lessons I learned to this first before I do anything else.



I am working on several projects right now. This is contrary to the plan but it just happened. Before starting new projects it is better to finish one so that you do not lose momentum for all the projects

Almost daily now I get up at 5:30 to work on my projects. Projects mean they are mine: business research, the urban farm, an ebook I am trying to finish/start or a new website. I get to work on my projects for about an hour and a half almost every weekday. Some days I slip when we get distratctions (in-laws, late night movies, etc)

I am working on several projects right now. This is contrary to the plan but it just happened. Before starting new projects it is better to finish one so that you do not lose momentum for all the projects. Right now I WAS working on a marketing plan for my urban farm. I was also doing research for an ebook and updating my preps.

  1. For sometime I have been pondering on blogging about my efforts so this blog started.
  2. Recent events have occurred and made me realize I need to be always at the ready for things, so I have been revisiting my preparedness plans
  3. We had some visitors come by and we also just got back from a vacation trip to the beach
  4. Certain events at the office made me realize I need to cut down on any business distractions there, and just focus on my job.

I have other excuses for starting on multiple projects and not completing any. But I digress. One of my goals for this post was to lay some ground rules and establish a routine that can accommodate a quick blog post and time for the other projects. I need to include blogging daily as a routine, regardless of what my main task for that morning is.

How about we do the blog while getting the coffee on. Maybe use it as a brainstorming sketchbook to formulate the plans for the day? Nah, it is better used as a repository of what was achieved yesterday…or maybe not. I can just blabber on this blog and since I just started it wont matter. I need to leverage the time I blog so I can improve on the other projects-at least in planning.

Let’s try both. A brainstorming sketchbook for the day and a log of what happened from the previous attempt. Let’s say 30mins for now, but the goal is to get this down to 15mins. (It is now 5:56am and I am close to my 30min mark.)


To Do:

soak peas for resto account for next week
iron clothesreview gear and prep for the weekend. note concerns of protests ongoing and rumors of protests for Friday
cook lunch so mom can have an easier day with the kids