Vlog 16.08.31 – What we are looking for in a house


A quick rundown on what we are looking for in a house. The goal is to find a home that can fit my plans for a resilient lifestyle. We are not looking for a house in a good school district with good comps for neighbors (at least I am not)
3bed 2 bath typically
not a bighouse, approx 1200 sf (low maintenance)
big yard(1/4 acre0
multiple road access (required)
no HOA (requirement)
garage + car port for hail protection (required)

ideally out of city limits (preferred)
brick exterior (preferred)
2 story (preferred)
no flood zone
easy to insulate (preferred)
good solar orientation (preferred)
fireplace (preferred)
buy something that looks poor so we can improve it (Dad’s list)
no pool, burden to property taxes (Dad’s list)
low property tax (requirement)
proximity to good developments, but not in it (preferred)