Mom easy CCW: Making it easy for mom to get her CCW-part 1

Mom preparing for her CCW test


Mom should also have a CCW so she can protect the kiddos when dad is not around. The challenge is getting Mom to carry of her own choosing. One way to do it is by making it easy for Mom to get her CCW and creating a rewarding experience around the process.

This will be an ongoing series on my wife getting her CCW, or License to Carry (LTC) in Texas. I am starting from range training all the way til she gets her CCW and carries.

This week we are taking my wife (will be referring to her as resilientM) to the range. We have been discussing how to get her CCW. By being a positive example and by showing her the benefits of carrying, she is now willing to become an armed citizen. The plan is to make this easy and convenient for her while she builds up confidence and dedication to do this on her own diligently.

First step is to get her to the range to recall how it feels. Go through gun safety and become familiar with the gun.


We went to the range on a Friday night. Before that, we stopped by a nice local gun store to check out her options. This was a great idea as it tied this to shopping-which she was comfortable with. I was surprised how comfortable she was at asking about the gun and options. I was behind her during the conversations and sometimes I would get some of it started so it went in a direction where she learned something. Gun store people are great, they are not salesy but they just love guns and have a great wealth of knowledge. My wife was looking for the smallest pink gun (or something of that sort) which is fine,but during the course of this visit realized there would be issues with recoil. Nearing the end of it, she got to liking a Kimber with a pistol grip laser. It was $900 used. I did not squelch her interest by reacting to this price. We kept looking and would put the guns in her hands so she could compare.

We also looked at some concealed carry shoulder bags and belly bands. She was learning about this new world, and I am happy to show her around..

At the range, we brought 4 boxes of ammo and purchased 2 more. We rented a full size pistol for comparison (we got to use a Springfield XD in 9mm). It was great to shoot but I stuck to my Taurus PT809C.



To make it short, it went really well. resilientM can aim properly and she had lots of time to run the gun. We talked thru the basic gun safety rules first. Showed her how to rack the slide, put in a magazine, how to release the slide and shoot. Also went thru a good grip and stance. She’s shot before (around 7 years ago maybe – whoa been so long) so we weren’t very long on the lectures. I kept myself from talking much but assured her I am right behind her if she needed me.

Our first few shots were up close to make an easy win and set the mood. She shot quite well the whole time.


She took frequent breaks which helped. Her arms grew tired of holding up the weapon for extended periods and her aim would get worse. Resting allowed her to aim well and she was happy to see how her aim was pretty good. Forcing her to keep shooting would have been bad, as her arms would tire,her aim would be bad and she would see bad results and would make for a negative experience.

Plus, the range was cold that day. There was quite a draft and the heaters were not running.

We shot at the different distances which you will need when she goes in for her License to Carry test. I talked her thru how she would listen in for the exact instructions so she could simulate it in her mind.


We went to the range that Friday because we had visitors. One of them (my sister’s long time boyfriend) went with us and I think it helped. Having someone else meant this exercise was not focused on her and she could take breaks from that pressure of being the focus of our day. She was not the only newbie. This was also great because I was able to show someone how shooting is safe and fun. Perhaps his positive experience with guns will help educate my sister from her fear of it.


We spent most of the time shooting the cheap targets but at the very end we shot some fancier silhouettes with the vital organs on them. The thinking was that if they wanted to take them home as a souvenir these would have great hits on them besides helping them understand where the organs are. Since they had lots of practice, the shots were pretty good at these targets.


As we were returning rented gear and looking at the other guns for rent we spoke with one of the staff at the range. He gave some advice on using the smaller guns: how there would be lots of compromise with recoil and aiming because the gun was so small. He advised us to get comfortable with a medium sized one and work our way down to the smaller ones. My thought was that next time we can, we would rent the smaller gun. We would shoot the compact I carried on me and the smaller gun we would be renting. If a smaller gun will get her to carry, I am fine with it as long as she can shoot it properly.


We were at the range for about 2 hours almost. The range was closing and we had to get home for dinner. It was a fun experience for all 3 of us and we were talking about guns on our drive home. (Imagine a gun discussion with 3 newbies in a Corolla hurrying home to see the kids-haha). I was happy to share some realism on carrying, some true stories on self defense shootings, how disarming good citizens in NYC is arming the criminals. I did not lecture, I was just telling stories too.

I am glad we got to shoot together. If we had the cash for her to take the LTC exam tomorrow I am pretty confident she would pass.

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