This blog is here to help my family and others to make a more resilient lifestyle given the coming changes in everybody’s lives. Our world is changing daily, but today so many things are changing that we do not always realize how the changes will stack up in the next few years.

Some have called it the new industrial revolution or the automation revolution. We have technology today enabled by the internet, where so many things are changing that one day it will reach exponential levels and we will be surprised at how fast it all happened. We consume cheap industrialized food with little understanding of the health consequences. We as a country are so leveraged in debt, our economies so codependent and so fragile but as individuals we do not fully understand the risks our future selves are facing. We have stored up much anger in the country’s citizens, and we are raising up a generation unprepared to overcome these challenges.

I describe my present concerns in a lot more detail and have organized them on the links listed below. These are categorized so I can make plans to address them, in no particular order. Your concerns may be different, but I believe these topics will affect us greatly no matter what your immediate concerns are.



ECONOMY (link)

FOOD (link)




Think back to the things that have happened in the last few years under those topics that have touched you in any way. As their significance grows, have you given thought to what parts of your life will be changed? Maybe they fall under these same concerns, maybe in others. But which parts of your life do you not want to be changed and would you work for to keep?

The world is changing. We will all be participating in it, like it or not. I am just taking my small steps day to day to make my family just a little bit better off than if we just sat around and let the waves take us for the whole ride. If you knew something was coming, you would do the same for yours.

If you share these concerns, or have others which you know of or are experiencing and think others should learn more, please tell me your thoughts. Email me at chris at You can also find us on our Facebook group where you can freely post.

This blog was inspired by Jack Spirko from episode 1807: Four Years of Flux – Rapid Changes Between Now and 2020.