Prepare for the future; shape it or someone else will.

I stumbled onto this great article on Forbes. It validates what my concerns are but it is absolutely written eons better. Here’s a snippet of the article:

…the future is about more than just technology.  Health trends, economic trends, population growth and climate change, just to name a few, will also create massive challenges—and massive opportunities—in the years to come.  The time to start preparing for the future is always in the present.


The job of a manager has clearly changed.  A generation ago, we could enter an industry, learn the trade and work our way up.  Today, however, we can’t expect a business model to last a decade, much less a career.  To wit, since 1960, the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has fallen from more than 60 years to less than 20.

Other topics noted/mentioned in this article include:
vertical farming
future ready

Here is the link to the article for a full read


Resiliency progress 16.08.15

The weekend was busy as predicted. Here’s the progress I made:

Food resiliency:
Been planning on gardening again this season. As part of this I am making planters from scrap wood and fencing. I finished a good sized planter on Friday night til Sat 2am working in the garage. At some point my circular saw ran out of juice and I used a hand saw-grrrreat for exercise but the timing was wrong. I had little left in me to do this at 1am.

The planter is done and ready to sit in the yard with good soil til temps get cooler. I will tarp over this and just let some life build into the soil.

Still trying to find a good holster that will work for my handgun. I have been carrying it everyday for a week and the holster does not work for me. Apparently, the gun I have does not have a lot of options for holsters so it’s been difficult to find good ones.

I decided to upload a 2min review for other folks using the same gun and looking for holster options:



A big bonus over the weekend was camping supplies. My wife found a garage sale where we found camping supplies worth over $200. These included a Coleman propane 2 burner stove, catalytic heater, MSR isobutane pocket stove, thermal blankets, cooking gear, a 12v air pump and inflatable bed. There’s a bunch more in it but those are still hot in my head and I am giddy with awesomness from the great find. (edit:I am making a separate post about this to give more detail)

We drove to Irving, TX to explore homestead options. Still looking for a neighborhood we can afford with the characteristics we are looking for. This is not a big homestead, but just a small suburban one. I still would like a bigger lot and no HOA.

The only flaws for this super productive weekend was that I did not work on the book at all. I will need to catch up somehow.

Article on the future economy

Here’s a quick article that shares some of my concerns:

The highlights from the article are:

  • Software is replacing accountants and analysts
  • Ecommerce is replacing traditional retail employees
  • Self-checkout kiosks are replacing food service personnel
  • Storage and retrieval systems are replacing warehouse workers
  • Robots are replacing factory and security employees
  • Online courses are replacing brick and mortar schools
  • Delivery drones are impacting the shipping industry
  • Smart cars will change the transportation industry

Almost all of these trends touch my day to day life at some level-they probably do to you as well. Maybe you are not working at a fastfood or maybe you don’t use Uber, but if not you then someone around you. Enough people around you that you do not know of will be impacted-and it may not matter that you do not know them, the sheer number of them being affected will affect you somehow.

It’s why I am worried-I cannot wrap my head around how much all of this will impact my family and everyone around me. These changes will not only change the economy and the job market, it will change our everyday lives.

Now hold on for a second. These changes are not just a cause for concern, they are also a reason to rejoice. Yes you might get laid off on your job (which would really suck) but after you deal with that issue and find another job, you cannot deny that there will be benefits to these changes. I would love to be able to type or sleep on an automated car on the way to work. Granted I want to keep our Jeep and retain the option to drive without automation, there are better things to do with your time rather than just interact with other drivers on the road.

Doing your groceries will also be more efficient, or just delivered to your door. Man this is going to hit the commercial real estate as well.

I may now have a better justification for telling my wife that my son may not go to college: he will have better options by then. He can get a highly specialized class for the industries that he is most passionate about. He will not have to deal with the fluff of tenured professors and french literature. He will probably finish formal schooling sooner as opposed to my generation that had to study til we were in our early 20s.

Also, I hope someone invents some way to automate my favorite pastime: dishwashing. I dang spend way too much time on this when I get home from work.

The changes are coming regardless if we like them or not. It will come in phases and by the time we realize it, it will be too fast. My plan is to have me and my family ready to adapt to them.


The Concerns of the Future

Part of why I wanted to start this blog is to clear my head of my thoughts by writing them down. This way I document it, and what gets documented can be tracked and managed so I know my progress.

There are a lot of things coming, and there is no way to forecast them all accurately. Due to limited resources (time, money, manpower) I try to focus my efforts on the following concerns for the future:

Financial – there are some real busts coming ahead with just the way the country has been running it’s finances. There are also more localized, targeted financial hits coming with technological and demographic changes.

Housing – I am currently a renter, and rent is expected to rise faster than home prices.

Security – we see it on the news all the time: active shooter scenarios, violent crime, home invasions and the stuff of nightmares. I can still recall the video captured by a webcam of a big 6′ male beating up a smaller female in the living room (repeatedly) while her 4 year old daughter whimpers with a pillow on the couch. Recently, here in Dallas, a shooter killed multiple police officers. There have also been a lot of riots in recent years. People have gotten used to it and are quite good at organizing them.

Climate – Texas is dang hot. That may change with how the sun has it’s cycles. This is based on a book by Mr. John Casey called “Dark Winter”. The gist of it is that the sun runs on cycles that can affect the planet with intense winters-and these cycles are historically documented. Also, it is possible that we will be getting more severe, localized weather events. We get thunderstorms out of nowhere pretty often, we get hit with hail quite often. This means we could see more tornadoes as well. The last one that was close to us was about 20 miles in Rowlett.


Jobs – more of our day to day jobs are being eliminated/changing. This is brought about by automation and technology, not just outsourcing. I am threatened that my current workplace is not shifting us to the new industry standard software. I do not want to be obsoleted because they do not want to step forward. I am also concerned long term that the viability of my job will shift significantly and that is why I am working on my own business.

Food – my family has been impacted by GMO food and we know we should stay far from it. My son has eczema and we know we get sick when we eat it regularly. We cannot always eat “organic” and they are not really the solution either. I started an urban farm this year, at some point I plan on growing much more of our own food.


Healthcare – this is more of a financial issue for us. Currently we are fairly healthy and will be working on improving our health. However the cost of healthcare has been a big money suck on our lives. Thanks to Obamacare we whether we use it or not. We were lied to folks-hope you get that by now.

I hope to build up resiliency in my family so we can deal with these concerns. We will need to have multiple plans to address each of these issues and the whole lot of other issues that will spring from them. I have always been a problem solver at work and at home and now it is time to grow up and put those problem solving skills to better use: changing our lifestyles so we can be in better shape for the future. Note, this is different from earning more money so we can buy ourselves out of the mess we can see coming. This is building the solutions into our lifestyles.




I am working on several projects right now. This is contrary to the plan but it just happened. Before starting new projects it is better to finish one so that you do not lose momentum for all the projects

Almost daily now I get up at 5:30 to work on my projects. Projects mean they are mine: business research, the urban farm, an ebook I am trying to finish/start or a new website. I get to work on my projects for about an hour and a half almost every weekday. Some days I slip when we get distratctions (in-laws, late night movies, etc)

I am working on several projects right now. This is contrary to the plan but it just happened. Before starting new projects it is better to finish one so that you do not lose momentum for all the projects. Right now I WAS working on a marketing plan for my urban farm. I was also doing research for an ebook and updating my preps.

  1. For sometime I have been pondering on blogging about my efforts so this blog started.
  2. Recent events have occurred and made me realize I need to be always at the ready for things, so I have been revisiting my preparedness plans
  3. We had some visitors come by and we also just got back from a vacation trip to the beach
  4. Certain events at the office made me realize I need to cut down on any business distractions there, and just focus on my job.

I have other excuses for starting on multiple projects and not completing any. But I digress. One of my goals for this post was to lay some ground rules and establish a routine that can accommodate a quick blog post and time for the other projects. I need to include blogging daily as a routine, regardless of what my main task for that morning is.

How about we do the blog while getting the coffee on. Maybe use it as a brainstorming sketchbook to formulate the plans for the day? Nah, it is better used as a repository of what was achieved yesterday…or maybe not. I can just blabber on this blog and since I just started it wont matter. I need to leverage the time I blog so I can improve on the other projects-at least in planning.

Let’s try both. A brainstorming sketchbook for the day and a log of what happened from the previous attempt. Let’s say 30mins for now, but the goal is to get this down to 15mins. (It is now 5:56am and I am close to my 30min mark.)


To Do:

soak peas for resto account for next week
iron clothesreview gear and prep for the weekend. note concerns of protests ongoing and rumors of protests for Friday
cook lunch so mom can have an easier day with the kids