Vlog: Keeping my wife happy AND working for a better future


Keep the wife happy whenever you can. You have big plans and lots of work to do for our family, but sometimes we all just need to feel loved on and valued.


MakeResilient aims to help build a more resilient lifestyle and family. I believe that we need to be ready for big changes coming to our current way of life (more info at the Concerns page). I am intentionally leading my family so that we can adapt slowly over time for the changing future. Iā€™m no expert on all things, but I am acquiring the knowledge and skills of new things that I need.

Finding a website name and getting a site up under $50

I have been going back and forth on what to name the blog, as I get closer to doing an actual website. Just some quick notes on researching key words, setting up the site and trying to make it easy to find on searches. I plan to run the site under a $50 a year budget.


I have been going back and forth on what to name the blog, as I get closer to doing an actual website. Just some quick notes on researching key words, setting up the site and trying to make it easy to find on searches. I plan to run the site under a $50 a year budget.

Godaddy domain name = $35 for 2 years
hosting = approx $10 per year


Being intentional about finding family time

Brain dump:
Note to self that with all the things I am working to get done, I must not neglect to find time for family. Looking at my day to day, I have about 2 hours during dinner available for quality family time. The plan is to make the most of these 2 hours to have good quality conversation and family bonding. Plan on expanding that time and find more opportunity to make optimal use of what we have.

Hey, if things are going to work, you have to make sure the family is taken cared of.

Inspired to continue the vlogs


I have been hesitating on continuing the vlogs, but with some inspiration today from another fella doing the same format I thought I would just do it.

Justin Rhodes was on an interview today on The Survival Podcast and he described how he was in the same predicament I am in:blogging takes to much time so vlogging is an alternative to making the long form content.

I understand the viability of the approach, and I still need to make sense of what I am really doing with the vlogs on my commute home. It needs to give some value other than just a rundown of my thoughts for the day. I may change the frequency of it so that I can prepare the content and make it worth watching.

Here is a link to the podcast. I have learned a lot from The Survival Podcast and a lot of the information comes from great folks like Justin just do


Now my new dilemma is making the actual written blogs out of all the ideas I am summarizing in these vlogs šŸ™‚

Vlog 16.08.31 – What we are looking for in a house


A quick rundown on what we are looking for in a house. The goal is to find a home that can fit my plans for a resilient lifestyle. We are not looking for a house in a good school district with good comps for neighbors (at least I am not)
3bed 2 bath typically
not a bighouse, approx 1200 sf (low maintenance)
big yard(1/4 acre0
multiple road access (required)
no HOA (requirement)
garage + car port for hail protection (required)

ideally out of city limits (preferred)
brick exterior (preferred)
2 story (preferred)
no flood zone
easy to insulate (preferred)
good solar orientation (preferred)
fireplace (preferred)
buy something that looks poor so we can improve it (Dad’s list)
no pool, burden to property taxes (Dad’s list)
low property tax (requirement)
proximity to good developments, but not in it (preferred)

Asking for a raise – Daily vlog 16.08.22

Today I asked for a raise-obviously a critical tool to improving my family’s life. I mentioned it briefly on the video but I wanted to detail it further on the blog. A quick summary for how I am asking for a raise:

-check that I did in fact improve and that I am worth the increased salary. In my case it meant did I make my boss’ life easier? Did I save the office from some hairy disasters? in both cases I can say yes I did.

-find good timing for the question. I’ve been waiting for a while-too long almost. I have some understanding of how our particular team’s finances are. I tried to wait til the team had a better budget, partly so as not to burden the team any further during the low periods, but also because getting a raise during a lull means getting a tiny one. I would be in a bad spot to ask for another raise when budgets got better.

-Side note: I did research on recommended ways to approach the topic. I will skip that and just write down how mine went.

-I kept a list of important contributions and value I provided to our team. I kept this in my head so I could articulate how things have gotten better. Usually they do not realize the good things you do, they just notice that they have a nice day and there are no fires to put out on your project-I was ready to explain that most fires were dealt with on my watch so they did not have to.

-Understand how your boss might prefer to receive the question. In my case, I thought he would prefer a quick chat, nothing formal, but just a reminder about reviewing my recent performance. I followed up with an email apologizing for the the abruptness of the question. I explained I had been pondering it for awhile and remembered to finally ask. I also made mention that I was looking to discuss a salary adjustment-a nicer word than raise. In my case I had custom tailored the letter to my boss.

So that is how I asked for a raise. I am currently waiting on a response and will post an update as made available.