MakeResilient is from one dad and his scheme to make his family a resilient one. He likes problem solving and DIY. His wife was not always happy about his DIY attitude, but has since learned that she can trust him most of the time on this. He has 2 kids and they are homeschooling them. He had plotted to homeschool his kids before, and now is making some headway on this plan. If all goes well, he will teach his kids to think for themselves, solve their own problems and to not blame everybody else for their mistakes.

Chris (btw is the name is this one dad) is a fairly normal guy. He’s got a 9 to 6 job, has some debt and is renting a suburban house. He used to live in NYC where after watching too many episodes of Spartacus, recognized that the city was just like Rome. It was all bread and circuses. He then relocated his family to Texas and was able to make a lot of informed decisions thru sites like WalkingToFreedom.com and thru the TSP community. He killed his first garden in the Texas heat that same year. He will learn and will plant them in the shade next time.

He also started a small urban farming operation in 2016. He sold his premium microgreen crops to a few select high end restaurants in the Dallas and Plano area. He was featured in the local city magazine and got some great publicity thru it. He later on realized that urban farming was awesome but very labor intensive to pursue as a side hustle for him at this time in his life. Also, in his area it was just not very marketable. He put the farm to sleep around December that same year after being unsuccessful in getting new accounts. It was a great learning experience and he plans to use the information again in the future for another urban farm for his own consumption. He intends to use quite a few permaculture principles when he does this. They are looking to purchase a home and this is high on the list of plans for the said house.

Chris knows to keep his family away from GMO food and is still trying to find ways out of some of it. His son had significant eczema issues as a baby and this led them to learn about the food problem. His current big problem is finding a clean meat source but since he cannot afford grass fed locally grown meat he is still banging his head how to solve this. He plans to take hunting and fishing as long term solutions.

He knows his job is not there forever and he does not plan to retire with a pension from his 9 to 6 job. The economy is messed up anyway for the long term and by the time he would be taking social security benefits they will probably not amount to nothing much (Ben Bernanke said so too, thanks to Mr Ron Paul). Before he gets to retirement age, he thinks his industry will be automated or replaced with AI software and will reduce the necessary workforce. Instead of making himself more competitive in an industry he continues to grow to hate, he is planning to exit from his 9 to 6 job thru entrepreneurship.  This blog will occasionally contain his attempts at this new career path and lifestyle.

Chris is fond of martial arts. Though he does not pursue it as dedicatedly as he should because of time and resource limitations, he keeps himself capable of defending his family. He likes moving to Texas because he can carry a gun and exercise his dang freedom. He chooses to not appear “tactical” because he is more of a practical guy with very limited set of clothes and gear.

The short term plan for MakeResilient is to keep tabs on Chris and make sure he does his job of making his family resilient. Not just to make himself resilient, but to make his wife resilient, to make his kids resilient.  To make each member of the family capable of coping with the changes coming in our future and able to withstand disruptions and challenges. Instead of just riding the wave of change, they are anticipating it and getting geared up for it. He hopes you are interested in this path as well and hope you can bounce ideas off each other. You can email this Chris guy thru chris@makeresileint.com.

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